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Yes, you read it right, we are going to teach you how to turn wine into water. You will show a small glass filled with dark, purplish wine. It will be covered with a handkerchief and you will change it to a light red wine. Then you will cover it again, it will become water, which any one may drink. Impressed?, read on if you think its a chemistry magic :)

A small wine glass, two thin but stiff pieces of celluloid or plastic, one red, the other blue or green. These are cut to fit the glass exactly. Some water, a hand kerchief and an object to serve for a stand, such as a book or a box.

Beforehand fill the glass and insert the plastic cut-outs together, so that when they are viewed broadside, the water will appear to be dark wine. Set the glass on a box and cover it with the handkerchief until you are ready to perform the experiment.

Then lift the handkerchief and state that you have a glass filled with dark wine, as everyone can see. Cover it momentarily and
in lifting the handkerchief, insert your thumb and forefinger behind the hem and bring away one cut-out, leaving only the red. Drop
the cut-out behind your improvised stand.

Now you have what appears to be a light red wine. Cover the glass completely with the handkerchief and this time lift the red cut-out through the cloth itself. Drop the handkerchief, pick up the glass and show that it is water, nothing else!

Without the water, the cut-outs would look like what they really are. But once the water has been poured into the glass, the colors are diffused due to the refraction, and they create the illusion that
the liquid itself is colored. Red, combined with either green or blue,
creates a color resembling dark wine; the red alone, appears as wine of a reddish hue.


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