Learning becomes Fun when you do it with Science-In-Box

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ScienceInBox Workshops - A Creative Learning Space

Explore the world of Science and Robotics with a series of fun filled activity based workshops, specially designed for Junior Scientists.

We do not Just Teach, we let the kids learn science by doing it themselves. Our workshops include science concepts, puzzles, logical thinking, electronics and lot of fun.

All our workshop contents are custom designed for the group based on Interest, Need and Motivation. We deliver them with Hands-On-Activities, and conclude the learning with our analysis of scientific temper of the child.

Our workshops let kids Enquire, Do-It-Yourself, Observe and Learn the basic concepts in Science and Robotics. 
  • Kids take home the workbooks, working models and scientific instruments to keep inspiring them for further learning.
  • We evaluate the workbooks and provide an individualistic STEM Discovery ReportTM on the strength of the child in science and robotics.
  • Our STEM Discovery ReportTM format has been created by Phd in Education to help you discover the capabilities of your child better.

Meet Our Teachers: Our content is created by Toppers, Scientists, Educationalists and Researchers. We deliver this content with trained and well educated team of teachers in a fun filled environment using the safe and high quality Do-It-Yourself science and robotic kits. 

Come and Join the Fun!


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