Planet Venus, Exploration and more

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Challenging Planet - VENUS
Do you know that Venus exploration by nations had continuous failures?. The Venera 1 space probe was launched in 1961, but lost contact with base. The USA also lost their first probe to Venus, Mariner 1. The Soviet Union’s Venera 3 was the first man-made craft to land on Venus in 1966.
But, ISRO had always challenged failures and made the statistics wrong with successful Mars Mission in first attempt. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is now planning to reach and explore Venus, also asteroid nearby. 

Venus Facts
  1. Venus is one of the hottest planet in our solar system, it appears like an orange fire ball if watched through a telescope in the night sky. 
  2. Venus is not habitable since its atmosphere mostly consists of carbon dioxide and temperature at the planet hover around 460 degree Celcius. 
  3. Venus is located nearly 261 million kilometres far from the Earth.
  4. It takes 224 days to complete one revolution around the Sun.
  5. Venus rotates counter-clockwise.
  6. Venus is the second brightest object in the night sky.
  7. Atmospheric pressure on Venus is 92 times greater than the Earth’s
  8. Venus is also known as the Morning Star and the Evening Star.
  9. Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system.
  10. Venus does not tilt on its axis, so there is no seasonal variation. 

Russia, the United States and the European Space Agency have had missions to Venus till date. ISRO will become fourth agency to achieve the feat. Do you know In 2006, the Venus Express space shuttle was sent into orbit around Venus by the European Space Agency, and is sending back information about the planet. 


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