Worlds Largest and Smallest Dinosaur

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Giant Dinosaur

The world's first super massive dinosaur — even larger than seven Tyrannosaurus Rex put together, has been discovered. 

With a 37-foot neck and weighing around 65 tonnes — the 85 feet high Dreadnoughtus schrani has now been confirmed as the largest dinosaur to ever walk the earth. It is the biggest land animal for which a body mass can be accurately calculated.

Prior to the description of the 65-ton Dreadnoughtus schrani specimen, another Patagonian giant, Elaltitan, held the title of dinosaur with the greatest calculable weight at 47 tons. 

Scientific Importance
Scientists have a lot of unanswered questions about how the biggest dinosaurs that ever lived managed to move their enormous bodies on land. With the discovery of the supermassive dinosaur Dreadnoughtus schrani, the most complete skeleton ever found of its type, paleontologists have an unprecedented window into the anatomy and biomechanics of the largest animals to ever walk the Earth.

Tiny dinosaur

The tiny tot, dubbed Mahakala omnogovae, was unearthed in the southern Gobi Desert region in Mongolia.

The dinosaur, a mere 2 feet long (70 centimeters) and weighing the equivalent of two cans of soda, roamed the Earth 80 million years ago during the Cretaceous period (between 146 and 65 million years ago). 

Remains of a petite dinosaur reveal that some of the ancestors of birds had already shrunk in size before flight evolved.


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